We’re an award-winning food and crop protection company developing and commercializing transformative technologies to combat global food waste, naturally and safely. Our technology has been shown to keep fruit fresh up to 14 days longer, helping us to shape a safer, more sustainable food supply chain future.





StixFresh is taking a bite
out of food waste. 

Using zero chemicals, this simple, safe sticker can significantly increase the shelf life of fruit.

Get to know the people behind
the progress.

From our founders and visionaries to our talented R&D and manufacturing experts, from Seattle, Washington to Flanders, Belgium, we’re one team with one goal.

Turning a world of waste into
a world of opportunity.

Consider this: Each year, $2.6 trillion worth of food goes to waste globally. That would be enough food
to feed a large percentage of the world’s undernourished population. Together, we’re working to help eradicate this tragic waste.

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